Coast2Coast an investment holding company with a passion for value creation.





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About Coast2Coast

Coast2Coast is a value investor, using its own balance sheet and some debt to finance its investments rather than raising a fund from third parties. Coast2Coast achieves its vision by taking a semi active ownership role in its portfolio of companies, and creating value by partnering with management teams in order to improve strategic, operational and financial performance.

Coast2Coast’s strategy is to acquire and build platform companies that can add synergistic bolt-ons and to further develop the companies in which it has invested, while ensuring that a strong management team is in place in each company to focus on the day-to-day operations. In this way, Coast2Coast has consistently produced excellent returns for its shareholders and co-investors. This includes over 25 deals to date (totaling over R3billion in value).

“We are now the home of choice for the owners and managers of many outstanding businesses.”

~ Warren Buffet